Sponsorship Page

HEART Repertory Theatre

Ticketing, Donations, and Sponsorships

2022 Show Tickets

Single show $25 / $20* Ticket to one show

Two show package $45 / $35* Ticket to two shows

Season tickets $65 / $50* Ticket to all three shows

* Seniors (65 years and wiser) and students are eligible for the lower price.

Individual and Family Donors

Level Amount Gratuity

HEART Beat $5 to $49 Name in program

After our HEART $50 to $249 ...and a free concession item

HEART Throb $250 to $499 ...and invitation to dress rehearsal

Faint of HEART $500 to $999 ...and a signed cast poster

HEART of Gold $1000 to $2499 ...and two season tickets

HEART of the Matter $2500+ ...and dinner with the director and a cast member

HEART Repertory Theatre is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit corporation, TIN 87-2980386. Donations are tax

deductible, minus the fair market value of any gratuities.

Business Sponsorship

Level Amount Promotion in kind

Bronze $100 to $249 Name in program and a business card ad

Silver $250 to $499 Small logo in program and 1⁄4 page ad

Gold $500 to $999 Medium logo in program, 1⁄2 page ad, and invitation

to a dress rehearsal

Platinum $1000 to $2499 Large logo in program, full page ad, and 4 show


Diamond $2500+ Large logo and full page ad in our next three show

programs, and 4 show tickets